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Armenian Church - Old Dhaka Tour

Old Dhaka is a place where everyone discovers life from a very different angle. Arguably the 600 years old Dhaka was used as Mughal capital and ruled by some famous and powerful rulers. Throughout changes of world order, so many things was forced to change but old Dhaka never lost its charm.Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Life is so dynamic and authentic here. From the uniqueness of language to the historical importance, this is a place where every traveler would love to be.

Standing on the bank of mighty famous river Old Ganges, Old Dhaka has so many historical and cultural aspects. You will have more than a reason to pay a visit in old Dhaka once in your life time. Oldest mosque in the Bangladesh, Palaces and forts from the Mughal period, structure from the Greeks, fascinating church were made by Armenians and horse carriages.

Dhaka has many interesting sites to visit from Mughal and colonial period. So you have more than one to pick our Old Dhaka Tour Package.

Tour Itinerary:

  • 08.00 AM: Our Travel Geek will pick you from the hotel
  • 08:00 – 09:30 AM: Walking around Dhaka University Campus which is full of Ancient structures like mosques and Domes, halls and statues. Visiting through the historical sculptures and department of fine arts and Memorial of Language Movement and also age old famous Dhakeswari temple.
  • 9:45 – 10:45 AM: Visiting LalBag Fort (Mughal Structure)
  • 11:00 – 12.30 AM: Visiting Star Mosque and Armenian Church
  • 12:45 – 01:30 PM: Traditional Bengali Lunch at a historical ethnic Bengali restaurant
  • 02:00 – 03.00 PM: Visiting Ahsan Manzil The Pink Palace of Old Dhaka (Also Known as Nawab’s Palace)
  • 03.15 PM: Walk to the main river port of the country Sadarghat
  •  03:20– 03:45 PM: Roam Around the Sadar Ghat Area and Visit to the ship breaking yard with short boat trip
  • 04:00 – 04.30 PM: Roam Around the alley ways of Old Dhaka Hindu Street Shakhari Bazaar and observing ancient life style.
  • 04:45 – 05.15 PM: Having Snacks in historical Cafe Corner
  • 5:30 – 6:00PM: We Can enjoy the sunset over the old ganges or move towards the news dhaka to see some historical meuseums.
  • 7:00 – 8:00: Drop at your Hotel
  • 8:00 PM: Drop you at the hotel at the end of the tour.

** Timing and places may vary (Less or more) depending on the season of the year which is highly depending on the Traffic. There will surprise visit to the places even which is not mentioned in the itinerary. But we will of course inform you about your tour itinerary before you start the trip.

Inclusions of Dhaka tour packages:

  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Mineral Water
  • Air-conditioned car and skilled driver.
  • English Speaking Travel Geek who will organize your trip
  • Entrance tickets for all applicable sites.
  • Lunch in Historical authentic Old Dhaka restaurant
  • Arrangements of rickshaw, Tom-Tom, and boats

Pricing of Old Dhaka Tour package:

  • 1 Pax Tour: $110/Per person
  • 2 Pax Group: $90/Per person
  • 3 Pax Group: $80/Per person
  • 4 Pax above Group: $55/Per person

** For More larger groups please discuss with us about the Pricing

Things to Remember in Old Dhaka Tour: 
  • We discourage our guests to wear shorts during the visit to Religious structures like Mosques, temples and Shrines.
  • Bengali Food Are well known for being spicy. Food with less spice can be provided if our guests want.
  • Everyone knows about Unbearable Dhaka Traffic. Sometimes It is best to walk around.

Top 10 popular tourist place in Dhaka:

Dhaka is a most densely populated city in the world. Many historical and attractive place is located in Dhaka, so a lot of people from all over the world come in this city to see it unparalleled scenery. Its most significant tourist places are 1) Lalbag Fort 2)Dhakeshwari Temple 3) Khan Mohammad Mridha’s Mosque 4) Armenian Church 5) Star Mosque (Tara Masjid) 6) Ahsan Manzil 7) Sadarghat River Port 8) Parliament Building 9) Dhaka University 10) Shahid Minar

  1. Lalbag Fort

This is an unfinished Mughal Palace fortress in the southwestern part of the old city of Dhaka by the side of the river Buriaganga. Son of Emperor Aurangzeb named Prince Muhammad Azam, started the construction while he was responsible as the Viceroy of Bengal. Here main attractions are   Tomb of Pari Bibi, Lalbagh mosque, Audience hall and Hammam Khana of Nawab Shaista Khan.

  1. Dhakeshwari Temple

It is the city’s chief Hindu temple built by Mangat Roy, who was also known as Ballalasena son of eminent Arakanese king Raja Malhana alias Husen Shah. This is also the centre of Hindu religion in Dhaka. A lot of the characteristics of this temple indicate the similarity to Arakanese religion and religious practices.

  1. Khan Mohammad Mridha’s Mosque

This Mughal construction is stylistically alike to Lalbag Fort and Erected in 1706, structured on a raised platform, up a flight of 25 steps. Dominate the rectangular roof three squat domes, with pointed minarets at each corner.

  1. Armenian Church

Armenian Church situated at Armanitola, was named after the Armenian colony that was settled here in the late 17th century. The church is the spirit of defunct community. Dates from 1781, it is an oasis of peacefulness in the heart of the crowded city.

  1. Star Mosque (Tara Masjid)

From the early 18th century this is one of the city’s most well-liked tourist attractions. As the total walls of the mosque are ornamented with mosaic stars, due to that it is called star mosque. Basically it was built in the typical Mughal style, with for corner towers, but fundamentally altered later.

  1. Ahsan Manzil

It is a historical place of awesome beauty. If you desire to take some photography , you may go there and can spend whole day. It was built by Nawab Abdul Gani, the city’s wealthiest landowner. It was damaged by a tornado  and reconstructed again altering massively and became even grander than before.

  1. Sadarghat River Port

It is one of famous river ports in the world. Daily about 30,000 passengers are passing this river port. While you will visit this disorganized and live river port, you will get a genuine taste of Dhaka. This is the centre of the southern part of the country.

  1. Parliament Building

In the entire world this is the largest lawmaking compound. It was designed by eminent American Architect Louis Kahn. Including a stop the progress in construction during the Liberation War in 1971 the massive work of the building took 13 years to complete. Standing bamboos on water inspired the design of this structure which was awarded the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Its architectural view is wonderful which makes this structure an exclusive composition of the world.

9) Dhaka University

Largest, renowned and oldest university of Bangladesh is Dhaka University. The campus includes dozens of iconic architectural sites including the visually attractive Curzon Hall, the Musa Khan Mosque, the resting site of national poet Nazrul Islam, and the Gurudwara (Sikh temple). As a whole this is a really gorgeous place for the visitors.

10) Shahid Minar

This is a nationwide monument in Dhaka, Bangladesh recognized to remember the martyrs who was killed during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations of 1952 in former East Pakistan. National mourning, cultural and other activities are held each year to mark February 21. Ekushey February or Shaheed Dibas are centered on the Shaheed Minar. Since 2000, 21 February is also recognized by UNESCO  as International Mother Language Day.